You’ve had a busy day enjoying an endless marathon of meetings. There’s a copious amount of coffee and tea cups left in the Boardroom along with sandwich crumbs all over the floor and sticky tables from the role play game. It’s a mess. You need to go home. But the shareholders are due in tomorrow. What to do.

This is just one of the many scenarios we encounter…

This is what to do. Use your Adept cleaners to gather up, clean and wash the teacups, hoover up the crumbs with their trusted Henry and make the room sparkle again. And, of course, they wouldn’t stop there. They would continue to work hard making sure all of the requirements you’ve set out in your service contract are met. Plus, they wouldn’t put in the extra effort today in readiness for your shareholders. They would do it anyway on a continual basis for 365 days a year.

An exacting list of services our professional cleaning teams offer include office cleaning, computer cleaning, window cleaning, blind cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, washroom services and janitorial supplies…. and anything else you can think of.

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Our Heritage

For over 20 years, we have offered our customers a first class cleaning service. Our aim is to deliver excellence and competitive rates to all of our Clients.

Your Adept Cleaning team will be made up of friendly, well-trained staff who strive to achieve a good standard of cleaning.

Plus all of our nationwide branches fall in line with our ISO 9001 Quality Management business processes so you get a consistent service no matter where you are located.

Our Services Principals

  • The right staff are recruited
  • They are given suitable and adequate training
  • They are well motivated
  • They are well managed and supervised

  • We will always be clear with you
  • We will be understanding and approachable
  • We will make good use of everyone’s time
  • We will make a difference

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