There are no two ways about it. Children love to touch everything. Toys, surfaces, chairs, furniture, handles, and the list goes on. Especially with a runny nose or after putting their hands in their mouths. That is what makes your nursery extremely popular with bacteria and diseases. It can be a challenge to maintain a high level of hygiene with a large group of children because you simply can’t keep your eyes on everyone at all times.

The easiest way to make sure spreading germs is kept to a minimum by deep cleaning your nursery regularly — something that can be incredibly time-consuming for your staff.

This is where Adept come in. We know you need a reliable service that you can depend on to maintain a clean and fresh environment for the little ones to run riot without the risk of picking up any nasty hidden germs.

We are an established and professional cleaning service provider with extensive experience cleaning nurseries. We know how critical it is to keep your space cleaned to the highest standards. Along with quality control, we understand the importance of having DBS checked staff that work confidentially, leaving you free to run an exceptional child care service while being in safe hands.

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