How Many Germs Are on Your Keyboard?

computer keyboard germs

Did you know that your computer keyboard could be 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Those were the findings of a 2016 study that also found that mobile phones were shockingly germ-laden. The number of germs on your keyboard and mobile phones could be putting you at substantial risk, particularly during the colder months of the year when immune systems take a battering.

The study was carried out by CBT Nuggets which also found that your mobile phone could be harbouring 9,000 times more germs than your toilet seat. The researchers swabbed several items in different categories to identify the average number of bacteria or colony-forming units for each square mile of a surface. The study found that there were 3,543,000 bacteria for each square inch of the average keyboard, and that phones featured 1,600,082 per square inch. It’s also been found that headphones have 2,500 germs per swab.

Look out for mice

You may also be alarmed to learn that mice work their way across keyboards in the offices of some businesses in the UK at night in search for food, and that they also leave their droppings on them. Experts also say we should be concerned about the impact of sharing keyboards due to the way that they can spread illnesses and diseases. If your co-workers have been complaining about bugs, you may wish to think twice about sharing equipment with them. Microbes are extremely attracted to the plastic used to make computer mice and keyboards and find them incredibly comfortable. Anything that harbours crumbs of food or dirt could put you at risk. Laptop users may even wish to swap their computer mouse for their trackpad, with pads harbouring only 810 CFU for every square inch according to studies.

Stinking Badges!

One study found that electronic ID badges housed 4,620,000 CFU per square inch, making them filthier than toys used by pets. Many of us put off cleaning our keyboards, finding the task somewhat arduous, but you could avoid illness, disease and costly absence by attending to your computer equipment on a regular basis, or enlisting a professional cleaning service like Adept.

How we can help

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