Tips on Keeping Mud Out During Winter

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As winter draws nearer the weather will begin to change and with cold, rainy days you will undoubtedly begin to see and increased amount of mud being tracked into your workplace. Not only will the mud and other entangled debris cause your floors to appear unsightly, it will also leave your business looking unprofessional to visiting clients. You will find that if this issue is left too long during these months you will end up having to pay out for new carpets or a costly deep clean. So, to help you avoid this problem we have created a short list of ways in which to help you reduce this winter’s debris.

The first tip would be to install signs around each entrance to your workplace reminding staff and visitors to wipe their feet as they enter the building. The sign does not need to be anything grand or overbearing, simply an image with an ‘x’ through a muddy boot should be enough to remind everyone. Whilst this may seem to be an obvious and courteous thing to do for most people, it won’t harm you to remind everyone, particularly if they are in a rush.

The next tip would be to invest in good quality doormats and to have them placed at every entrance. If you want to take it a step further you could even purchase two types of mat to have at the entrance; one with harder bristles to get off any hard, deep-set mud and debris and one with a softer finish to ensure that any moisture and remaining dirt is removed. This is particularly advisable if your office space has carpets that you want to protect.

If your office is in a particularly muddy area or alternatively you have staff that often walk to work, it might be worth investing in boot scrapers. Having boot scrapers just outside your entrance will give staff the opportunity to remove any dirt before they enter the workplace- so no more excuses!

Alternately, if you are currently past the point of no return and your carpets have already been victim to muddy shoes you might want to consider having them deep cleaned. Having regularly scheduled deep cleans of your carpets during the winter months will mean that you don’t have to worry as much about getting them dirty. Plus, once they have been cleaned your staff are more likely to take note and will cautious about walking any dirt into them.

Finally, whilst most of these tips have focused on keeping your workplace looking clean and professional you must also bear in mind the dangers involved. If your floors are coated in mud, debris and moisture you are at risk of staff and visitors slipping whilst walking around. So, in order to avoid this, it may be worth investing in a mop and bucket so that if the floors get particularly hazardous, you can quickly sort it out.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to maintain your floors during the harsh winter months but if you are still concerned you may want to consider hiring contracted cleaners. Having a professional cleaner will mean that you never have to worry about how your office space looks or if the floors are safe.

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