Five Ways Your Workplace Can Make You Ill


Recently, a whopping 1,200 Winter Olympics security staff members were quarantined. Thanks to a mass norovirus break in Pyeongchang, making it one massive case of ‘office sickness’. 900 soldiers were flown in to replace the ranks.

The organisers are having to disinfect all areas thoroughly. Ensuring anything the affected staff members touched has been appropriately sanitised.

The outbreak is a good example of why we should avoid coming to work when sick so we do not “spread our germs everywhere.” Admittedly, the Olympics example is on the extreme end of the scale. Nevertheless, it is vital as a business owner to make sure you keep the office clean to avoid staff members getting sick at work. Mass absenteeism can be costly and negatively impact productivity. Sadly, it is also highly likely the military would not be on hand to step in if it happens to you. So what in your office could currently be making your employees poorly?

Dirty Windows

The dark mornings of winter still greet most from us. For those suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a lack of sunshine can start off the day on the wrong footing. Studies show a direct link between the vitamin D levels in our blood and our happiness levels. Exposure to sunlight is our biggest source of these mood-enhancing endorphins. So it is best to keep the windows of your building clean to let in as much light as possible.


It is a commonly known fact that stress has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your immune system. The more stress you have in the workplace, the harder it is to fight off infections such as coughs and colds. You need your best defences to fight disease. This can be difficult. Especially between the hotbed of splutters on the commute and a potentially germ-filled workplace. As well as the obvious mental health benefits, try and minimise the potential for stress in the office. Encouraging regular breaks would be a great place to start.

Blocked up ventilation

As well as dark mornings, winter is renowned for its bitter winds. Especially ‘oop north.’ Employees barricade their windows and wrap up warm in the hope of keeping the chill-out, and the heat in. For the most part, they are successful. However, that is not all that stays. Microorganisms and germs also begin to compound. Without decent ventilation, those collecting nasties do not go anywhere. Well, they do; your employee’s respiratory systems. Poor air circulation makes it incredibly easy for germs to spread; especially the flu.

Unkempt carpets or tiles

There are nothing allergens, and contaminants love more than somewhere they can nestle themselves into. Stagnant water that collects on tiles are the perfect environment for viruses and mould to multiply and grow. Allergen particles are particularly partial to the fibres found in insulation, upholstery, and carpets. These allergens can trigger ongoing reactions and asthma that can leave the host out of action for up to a week at a time.

Your desk

Did you know, your keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat? It does not take much to pick up any germs from others in the office. Once this is on your fingers and transferred onto your keyboard, any lingering viruses are on and around your hands all day. A scary thought for those that don’t have the time for a lunch break and so remain at their desks to eat…

There are many ways you can minimise illness in the office. You can do this yourself, or a more time efficient way would be to let us help. This way you can have the peace of mind that your office is as clean as it can be, and as germ-free as possible. If you would like to arrange a cleaning team, get in touch with us today and have a chat with one of our friendly advisors to explore your options.

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