How to Keep Your Office Clean in Winter

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Keeping your office clean during the winter months can be very challenging. When the weather is at its coldest and most unpleasant, you may find it tough to win the battle against germs, mould and mud, which can destroy the mood of the office and result in lowered productivity. Floors can quickly become dirty and wet because of snow, ice and mud being brought in from outside, and slips, trips and falls can easily occur. Read on to find out more about keeping your office clean during the winter.

Keep your windows clean

It’s always wise to have your windows cleaned frequently during the winter. Storms can cause the windows to appear cloudy and prevent sufficient sunlight from entering the office. When natural light is permitted to enter the office, productivity can be boosted, as can the general mood around the office. Sunlight is also noted for drying floors and helping you gain greater control over excess moisture. Keeping your windows clean can also help you impress customers and clients. Condensation can trigger breathing issues such as asthma.

Keep germs under control

It’s also vital to disinfect your office equipment. Appliances, devices and areas you need to disinfect regularly to stop viruses from spreading include keyboards, phones, desks, tables, door handles and worktops. When you keep germs under control, you can prevent sickness from occurring, which means productivity levels don’t need to be compromised. Equipment that is shared such as keyboards and headsets can play a pivotal role in spreading bugs, so it really is important to sterilise them frequently.

Keep the air clean

You should also pay attention to the quality of the air circulating around the office. Adding plants and installing air cleaners can help you remove harmful toxins from the air whilst boosting morale and keeping air fresh. Ensure your carpets are vacuumed and floors are mopped to prevent slips, trips and falls. This will also help you reduce moisture levels. Place floor mats at entrances to reduce the amount of dirt being brought into the office. Some employees ask their staff to bring alternative footwear into the office with them, so they can change into it when they arrive at work.

Keep tidy

Are there any tasks that your staff can complete at home? If staff battling colds are able to work at home, you can prevent illnesses from spreading. Should this be impractical, you can instruct your team to use hand sanitisers and carry tissues. Encourage staff to eat away from their desks if possible. Dining at desks can distract other workers, but it can also be very messy, with crumbs landing in all sorts of areas and crevices. It is also somewhat unhygienic and is also heavily associated with the spreading of bugs.

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