Top 5 Dirtiest Parts of Your Office

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The colder months of the year are somewhat synonymous with colds, bugs and flu. You may be horrified to learn just how many germs items like computer keyboards, phones and mice harbour, and when these items are shared by colleagues, the chances of illnesses and diseases being passed on are rife. This can also result in increased absence levels, which is not only bad for business but troubling for staff that may lose money by being forced to take time off work. Let’s take a look at the top five dirtiest parts of office environments right now.


Desks are places where vast amounts of germs are held. We spend a great deal of time handling the equipment on our desks, and we often do so after going to the toilet, consuming hot drinks, handling paperwork and much more. This leads to germs being placed on all sorts of areas. To reduce the amount of germs being harboured on and around our desks, it’s vital that surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.


Bathrooms are also one of the most germ-laden parts of the office. Germs are rife in bathrooms and can include hazards like hepatitis A, E Coli, salmonella and many more. Although germs are heavily associated with toilet seats, it’s important to note how hazardous items like door handles, soap dispensers, taps can be when it comes to germs.  Again, it’s vital that bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly on a daily basis.


Places where food is stored, prepared and consumed are also notorious for enabling germs to breed. Germs can be found in all sorts of kitchen-based items and surfaces, including cabinet handles, sinks, worktops, drawers, tables and many more. The kitchen also needs to be kept as clean as possible if illness is to be kept to a minimum.


Lifts may not be synonymous with germs, but you may be surprised to learn how dirty some elevators are in reality. The dirtiest part of an elevator tends to be the controls that are used to operate it because of the way they are frequently used by many different people throughout the course of the day. You should ensure these buttons are cleaned every day.


Don’t overlook the reception area when it comes to germs. The amount of traffic that passes through your average office reception means they can be extremely problematic in terms of germs and bacteria. It’s essential to keep hand sanitiser on your office desk so staff can clean their hands frequently throughout the day and bacteria can be killed quickly. In fact, it’s wise to keep easy-accessible hand sanitiser in various locations throughout your business premises.

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