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Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of cleaning services tailored to your needs, all at very competitive rates.

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Local Branches

We have several branches nationwide. Find the nearest one located to your premises here.

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No Obligation Quotes

Let’s talk through your needs and / or arrange a site visit to see how we can help you.

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Welcome to Adept Cleaning Services

Adept has been supplying first class cleaning services for commercial and industrial premises for the last 20 years. Our clients range from small offices requiring a weekly cleaning service to large office blocks or schools requiring daily cleaning with a supervised team of cleaners. We provide cleaning services to Professional Practices, Education, Primary Health Care, Leisure Facilities, Hotels and Manufacturing. Some of our clients include Atkins, Skanska, British Transport Police, Historic England, Nobel Automotive, Audi and British Chamber of Commerce.

We pride ourselves on delivering a good cleaning service at an affordable price tailored to suit your needs. Our friendly, efficient and well-trained cleaners continuously implement thorough and hygienic cleaning practices. Plus, as an adept cleaning company, we are proud to hold ISO 9001, certification. We also adhere to the stringent criteria of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, (BICSc). If we sound like a cleaning company you need, then please get in touch to experience the difference for yourself.

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Five reasons to choose Adept

[accordion title=”1. Friendly, efficient, well trained and motivated staff”]
We ensure that your cleaning team are always proud to wear their Adept uniform with pride. We only recruit people who we think are right for the job; courteous, hard-working people, who have a keen eye for detail. So, not only will they happily undertake the day-to-day cleaning tasks, they will also be able to do that little bit extra that may arise from time to time.
[accordion title=”2. ISO 9001 accreditation for our Quality Management System”]
Adept is proud to have ISO9001 accreditation and the monitoring of performance standards and the implementation of continuous improvements are embedded within our Quality Management System. Having this enables us to operate a universally tried and tested workflow system. For you, this means you can trust us to work to the highest of standards at all times on a local or nationwide basis. We even welcome your feedback in order to keep you completely satisfied with the service we offer.
[accordion title=”3. Members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) “]
We are excited to be members of the BICSc. They are largest independent and professional educational body in the cleaning industry. Their mission is to ‘raise the standards of the cleaning industry through education and accreditation training’. Our membership warrants us to show integrity, competence, expertise and discretion in all work we complete. Plus, we continuously re-train and attend Professional Development courses to stay well informed of new legislation and Code of Conducts set out by Professional Authorities.
[accordion title=”4. Tailored flexible service at competitive prices”]
We offer both standard and bespoke cleaning services. Our clients have the opportunity to have exactly what they want to be included in their cleaning contract. We will deliver according to your needs; your hours of business and your building type or environment to ensure your premises are cleaned to a good standard with minimal disruption. Best of all, this is provided to you at really competitive prices.
[accordion title=”5. A reliable, local service 365 days a year”]
We know that your business doesn’t stop at Christmas or at the height of the summer holidays. Neither does your cleaning needs. That’s why we offer a fully managed absence and holiday work cover for all staff. Plus, we have the immediate flexibility to meet any short notice instructions without hesitation.
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Discover how Adept can help you. Call us today on 0800 0432 018  

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A service you can rely on

We deliver a reliable, exacting and courteous service on a one-off or regular contractual basis. We are available 365 days a year and, in addition to your usual cleaning routine, we are happy to take on any additional last minute jobs that suddenly come up. Adept Cleaning really is a local and reliable service you can count on.

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[testimonial name=”A Scott” org=” / Facilities Manager, AXIS / Birmingham” avatar=”” avatar_position=”” font_size=”2″ quote=”yes” ]“When the contract was awarded to Adept, what a difference Alan Thomson proved to be, he directed his cleaning staff in a way that motivated then into a willingness and desire to provide a responsible cleaning service, and to have pride in what they could achieve.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Doreen Johns” org=” / Head Housekeeper / Arden Hotel” avatar=”” avatar_position=”” font_size=”2″ quote=”yes” ]“Adept have held the common areas cleaning contract at The Arden Hotel since 2005. They have always carried out their service in a responsible, professional and satisfactory manner. We have been happy with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending Adept Cleaning Services.”[/testimonial]

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Quick Quote

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Our clients include

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